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August 2013 Archives

Social media could affect high net-worth divorce in Massachusetts

Massachusetts residents going through a high net-worth divorce may not realize the impact the use of social media can have on the outcome of their divorce. Most people use at least one form of social media without realizing the repercussions it could have. A recent article that discussed social media outlets and the surprising ways they can impact a divorce settlement may be of special interest to those facing a high net-worth divorce.

Murdoch split highlights difficulties in high net-worth divorces

Most Massachusetts couples involved in the dissolution of their marriage do not have to deal with complex property division. Most divorcing couples do not have millions in assets to consider. For those couples such as Rupert and Wendi Murdoch who are currently involved in a high net-worth divorce, the issues can become more complex and may require greater amounts of time and negotiation to resolve.

Alimony discussion important for many ending marriage

Massachusetts couples who have started or are contemplating divorce proceedings have many things to take into consideration, especially in regard to a request for alimony. Many divorce decisions must be made which factor into every single facet of life -- from living arrangements to daily budgets. It is also important to gauge whether alimony may be necessary for the maintenance of that budget. How to live on a single income becomes a significant factor to consider.

Pets more than just marital property in a divorce

Most Massachusetts pet owners would be horrified if their precious furry friends were referred to as property, akin to a chair or table. Many couples see their dogs, cats and other pets as true family members; however, in a court of law, pets are seen as marital property during a divorce. This is a difficult realization for many couples attempting to decide what happens to their pets when their relationship ends.