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April 2013 Archives

Property division issues for high-earning women who divorce

Times have changed, in Massachusetts and across the nation, and the days in which men were the breadwinners and women were the house makers are long gone. While there are still some households that adhere to this once-standard social norm, many others are comprised of two working spouses. In some cases, women bring in the bulk of the household's income. For such women who face divorce and the inevitable property division process, there are a number of considerations that come into play.

Investing the proceeds from property division

Once the dust settles and the papers are all signed, many newly divorced individuals find that they have a new set of decisions to make. Among these is what to do with the proceeds gained from the property division process. For Massachusetts resident who are emerging from divorce, it may be tempting to put off making additional decision, especially if the divorce was contentious or lengthy. However, letting one's divorce proceeds simply sit in the bank is never the most financially savvy option.

Same-sex marriage issues: No divorce for transgendered man

Massachusetts readers may remember media coverage of the 'pregnant man' that made the rounds a few years ago. The individual in question is a transgendered man who has been legally married to a woman since 2003. When his wife was unable to become pregnant, he made the decision to carry the couple's three children. The marriage faltered in recent years, however, leading both spouses to seek a divorce.

Same-sex couples face divorce challenges

Divorce can be a daunting prospect, no matter the gender of the spouses. However, when same-sex couples in Massachusetts decide to divorce, they face a set of challenges that heterosexual couples do not. Chief among these are concerns that arise when a same-sex couple resides in a state in which their marriage is not legally recognized.