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March 2013 Archives

Retirement funding is key to property division negotiation

When considering issues of property division during divorce, it is imperative to include retirement funding. It is easy to become bogged down by fighting over the family home or issues associated with the division of tangible property. However, in many cases the Massachusetts spouse who emerges with the retirement savings is far better prepared for future financial success than the party who keeps the house. Property division can be far more complicated than making a simple list of real estate holdings and shared belongings.

Financial prep when a gay marriage turns into a divorce

When a same-sex couple in Massachusetts encounters marital difficulties, the process of ending a marriage is no different than that for a heterosexual couple. There are a number of measures that spouses should take if they believe that their union is on the rocks, no matter what their gender. With proper planning, an individual can greatly offset many of the negative ramifications of divorce, leaving them better-equipped to move forward in their single life.

Unusual fathers' rights case makes national headlines

When it comes to child support enforcement, the players often fall along stereotypical lines. You have the beleaguered single mother, fighting the get the courts to force the deadbeat father to pay for the needs of his children. The story has become so ingrained in our collective belief about child support that any exception to this scenario garners media attention in Massachusetts and elsewhere. One recent case offers an unusual take on fathers' rights, and has many debating the current state of child support law.

Tax consequences for older Americans who divorce

When a Massachusetts couple over the age of 50 makes the decision to end a marriage, the issues they face are often very different from a couple in their 20s or 30s. As we approach retirement, our financial goals change, and financial planning becomes a more pressing need. As a result, baby boomers who are calling it quits should take the time to ensure that they are adequately prepared for the tax consequences and other financial repercussions of divorce.