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February 2013 Archives

How to avoid complicating property division issues

For many Massachusetts spouses, the decision to end a marriage marks a stressful and emotional time. Making matters worse, it can be hard to project how one's finances will shift as the divorce process moves forward, and many worry that they will run into financial trouble at some point before the final property division settlement is reached. To lessen these fears, many spouses set up a 'secret' bank account or cash to get them through the divorce.

Property division the second or third time around

When a Massachusetts marriage ends in divorce, some newly single people jump right back into the love game. For some, the end of their marriage left them feeling a bit defeated, and the urge is strong to get back out there and find love. For others, infidelity on the part of their former partner has left them in need of validation and vulnerable to entering into another bad relationship. However, it is important to realize that many second and third marriages also end in divorce, and issues such as property division become more complicated the second time around.

Getting help with financial needs during divorce

Massachusetts couples who are in the beginning stages of divorce are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of decisions that must be made. For many couples, issues surrounding finances are chief among their concerns. Understanding the budgetary fallout of a divorce and anticipating future financial needs is imperative to the future success of both spouses, and this is one area in which it makes sense to hire a professional to guide the process.

Property division issues often rely on real estate appraisals

Massachusetts couples who are preparing for divorce have a number of issues to consider. For many, property division ranks high among the priorities, and rightfully so. The financial decisions made during divorce can have lasting repercussions for both parties and, therefore, must be made wisely. In determining how real property will be divided between spouses, it is important to understand how property appraisals can affect the process.