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December 2012 Archives

Financial needs may be met with a January divorce filing

Now that the holidays are behind us, many people look forward to the coming year with thoughts on goals, hopes and resolutions. For some Massachusetts spouses, years of living within an unhappy marriage will lead to a decision to file for divorce in 2013. Luckily, there are a number of reasons why January is an ideal time to file for divorce, and to address each spouse's financial needs.

Supreme Court to hear case on international custody rights

Child custody actions are among the most contentious and emotionally charged types of cases heard by family courts, in Massachusetts and elsewhere. When those cases involve an international custody rights twist, the legalities become far more complicated, and many would argue that the stakes are higher for the parent who faces being left behind when a child relocates abroad. One such case is now before the U.S. Supreme Court, and the outcome will clarify the ability of courts in our country to hear appeals in cases in which the child is no longer on American soil.

Illegal immigrants face the risk of losing custody rights

Immigrants come to American for a wide range of reasons, many of which are not so different from those that brought our own ancestors to these shores. Employment opportunities, freedom from religious persecution and participation in an established economic system are all motivating factors that prompt a steady flow of immigrants, both legal and illegal, to settle in Massachusetts and other states. However, for those who have their families while in our country, their custody rights could be called into question.

The holidays can lead to co-parenting challenges

When families are divided by separation or divorce, parents often struggle over the care and custody of their children. Many custody issues will be worked out during the divorce or child custody proceedings, but reaching an agreement does not always mean that the terms will remain acceptable over time. The holidays often bring out or heighten existing disputes over custody, and can lead Massachusetts parents to struggle and fight over custody rights as they pertain to holiday celebrations.