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November 2012 Archives

Older Massachusetts couples face unique property division needs

When older people divorce, the process can be very different from the experience a younger couple might have. Some issues are easier to handle between aging partners, such as a lack of contention surrounding child custody and support. Other issues, however, become far more complicated when a Massachusetts couple has been married for a lengthy period. Among these are complex choices concerning property division.

Celebrity custody relocation ruling a win for fathers' rights

In Massachusetts and across the nation, men continue to struggle with issues related to the care and custody of their children. Although the American legal system has come a long way in recognizing the essential role that men play in the lives of their children, many fathers still face an uphill battle in family court. One recent celebrity fathers' rights case is making headlines, and represents a legal scenario that many fathers face.

Mobile DNA testing service could assist in paternity claims

Many men, in Massachusetts and beyond, have doubts concerning the paternity of their children. In the past, DNA testing was either not readily available or was prohibitively expensive, leaving many men with little recourse other than to simply wonder. However, one business innovator has created a mobile DNA testing service that could assist men in ascertaining the validity of paternity claims.

Real estate central issue in many property division negotiations

In many Massachusetts divorces, issues involving child custody and child support take center stage. Another issue that sits at the top of most couples' divorce proceedings involves property division. Massachusetts spouses should be aware that the time to handle all concerns that pertain to the division of property is before the divorce is final. Once the papers are signed, a spouse who is unhappy with one or more of the provisions within the agreement will have little recourse to make changes.

Puppy love complicates property division in Massachusetts

Massachusetts couples who are beginning the divorce process are often caught off guard with the sheer volume of details that need to be ironed out. Issues of property division and child custody usually top the list of priorities, but there are many smaller details that must be dealt with as well. Splitting one household into two, and working out which party will retain which assets, can be a very complicated procedure.