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July 2012 Archives

Recipients of alimony should pay attention to term life insurance

In many divorce agreements, one spouse is ordered to pay alimony to the other. When this is the case, the divorce agreement usually includes a provision that requires the spouse who is responsible for making the alimony payments to obtain and maintain a predetermined amount of life insurance that will protect the financial structure of their former spouse in the event of death. However, as is the case with so many portions of the divorce agreement, fulfillment of this provision extends far beyond the finalization of the Massachusetts divorce.

Divorce over 50 -- Division of marital property more complex

Although statistics suggest that the rate of divorce may be stabilizing across the US, one demographic is experiencing growing divorce rates. It appears that Americans aged 50 and older in Massachusetts and elsewhere are turning to divorce more now than ever before.

New law could restructure families; aid non-traditional couples

West coast lawmakers are currently considering a bill that would radically change the way that the American family is structured, at least in that state. a State Senator has proposed legislation that would allow courts in his state to recognize more than two people as the legal parents of a given child or children. This change could be applied to both non-traditional couples as well as other family units. The law has not yet made it to a vote, but the concept of augmenting the American family may be welcome news to many same-sex couples in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

High net-worth divorce may spell image trouble for Tom Cruise

Massachusetts readers may be aware that yet another movie star marriage has hit the rocks, though this one appears to have hit with a thud. While Cruise marked his 50th birthday on July 3, Holmes has apparently been occupied with putting the finishing touches on her divorce paperwork, which was filed on June 28.