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May 2012 Archives

A greater number of women are paying alimony to their husbands

Alimony and child support in the past has been traditionally seen as something that men pay to their ex-wives. In this traditional role, women were expected to stay at home and take care of the children, and thus needed to be financially supported after a divorce. However, with gender equality becoming more widespread in Massachusetts and elsewhere, alimony and child support are now awarded to the husband in many cases.

Same-sex couples rights affirmed when lesbian mom files paternity

Unfortunately, same-sex couples' rights are sadly lacking in many parts of the country. While in Massachusetts, same-sex marriage is allowed and seen positively, in other places many of the same-sex couples' rights are denied. Fortunately, in one state, clear progress can be seen when a lesbian mother has been allowed to file a paternity suit for her child in a groundbreaking case.

Michael Jackson's bodyguard asserts paternity claims over his son

For Massachusetts fathers, one of their most powerful means they can have to assert their parental rights is through paternity claims. Once initiated, an investigation whether the paternity claim is true can commence. If the claims are corroborated, this can allow for child custody changes or visitation to be modified accordingly so that the father can then share in his child's life, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the case.

Private eyes get involved in Massachusetts alimony cases

For Massachusetts residents who are receiving alimony checks, it may be a good idea to look around your surroundings a little bit closer. Someone may be watching you. Interestingly enough, your behavior could have an impact on the status of the alimony payments you currently receive.