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April 2012 Archives

Drawn-out, contentious high net-worth divorce finally settled

A high net-worth divorce case can be one of the most complicated cases for Massachusetts couples. In some cases, there are things which a partner is willing to part with easily. However, when the assets to be divided are substantial, as is the case for one couple, a high net-worth divorce case can quickly become more complicated and can take more time to determine the particulars.

Finding fault in divorce -- go "where no one has gone before"

There is a reason why Americans choose to make the concept of a no-fault divorce part of their culture. While some might argue that no-fault divorces make it too easy to dissolve a marriage, it eliminates the process of assigning blame to one party which often results in long drawn-out proceedings with only bitter feelings tied in.

Residency requirements open doors for same-sex divorces

A complex legal issue that is popping up in different states and continues to be addressed in the courts was discussed here previously on the blog. We have news about another new important case involving same-sex marriage and divorce laws.

Divorced man stuck with Madoff-scheme losses

Divorced couples in Massachusetts may believe their final court order settles everything. At the end of the dissolution process the court attempts to ensure that there has been an equitable distribution of assets. However, the court order is not always the end of the line for divorced spouses.

Judge allows same-sex couple to divorce

While more states have legalized same-sex marriages, gay couples whose marriages have fallen on hard times continue to find it difficult to legally divorce their spouse. The problem is that some states feel by permitting a same-sex divorce, they are by default acknowledging same-sex marriage.