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March 2012 Archives

Boston residents learn of one lawmaker's view on civil unions

With this year's elections hot on the horizon, many politicians are working the circuit to plug their parties' political agenda and push new legislation and/or alter existing laws. One of the focus areas for many lawmakers has been the topic of same-sex marriage and divorce. While more states are passing laws to allow same-sex marriage or civil unions, it still remains a heated topic for many states throughout the nation.

Boston spouses and parents should beware Smartphone use

Amidst the evolution of evidence introduced in Massachusetts' divorce matters, some parents find that what they post online or text message to friends or family can impact custody decisions in court. In fact, the contents of the other parent's Smartphone may provide key substantiation of improper conduct. These new devices and online venues have forced divorce attorneys to become more ingenious in their discovery efforts during their client's divorce case.

Boston father's obligation to pay upheld by courts

If a woman gives birth to child after she and her husband separate, the husband can still be held financially responsible for the baby. This was the case of a Massachusetts man whose estranged wife gave birth to twins after an in-vitro fertilization involving donor eggs and donor sperm.

Massachusetts rolls out new alimony reform laws

As of March 1, 2012 the newest alimony reform went into effect in Massachusetts. Many divorced couples are now checking their divorce papers in order to try to figure out if the new laws could apply to them. Other couples contemplating divorce are also curious as to how the new changes could impact their divorce going forward.