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February 2012 Archives

Boston residents watch other states' same-sex marriage trends

A news story on the minds of Boston residents this week is the newest win for gay rights activists in the neighboring state of New Jersey. In fact, the upcoming decisions made in these other states matters when gay couples move from one state to another in the U.S. This is particularly important as more states recognize same-sex divorce along with marriage rights.

Yankees Manager Headed for a Divorce

Residents of Massachusetts might be interested to know that the rival of their popular baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, experienced some sad news on the divorce front this week. The wife of the general manager (GM) of the Yankees, Brian Cashman, has filed for divorce, says a recent report from the Associated Press.

State's marriage equality follows Massachusetts' example

Residents of the state of Massachusetts might be surprised that, when the Washington state legislature last considered the issue of gay marriage, its response was to ban the institution. That ban has not stopped issues related to gay rights from resurfacing in the state.