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January 2012 Archives

Vanessa Bryant scores big in her divorce from Kobe Bryant

A recent article discusses the high-asset divorce of Kobe Bryant from his soon-to-be ex-wife. As Massachusetts residents know, divorce settlements can be tricky. Even so, the process has been a financial success for the basketball player's former partner. According to reports, Vanessa Bryant will come away with three Newport Beach mansions. However, the homes are just a portion of it. A source says that she will receive around $75 million in the divorce settlement. This is half of the couple's high net-worth.

Lifetime alimony: Is it time for the laws to be updated?

The hard felt economic downturn has affected everyone in the country at some level. Particularly hard hit are a number of individuals in New Jersey who at one time or another were ordered to pay their former spouse lifetime alimony. This disparity has primarily impacted men who over 30-years-ago, when the law was first adopted, were the principal wage earner for the household. At that time, most women were responsible for managing the home and caring for the children.

Boston father fights to retrieve sons from Egyptian mother

For divorcing couples in the same city or state, coming to terms with shared parenting can be difficult. However, those challenges can increase dramatically for couples from different countries. For one Boston father, his concerns for his sons' safety and well-being are in the forefront for many politicians aiding the father in his efforts to retrieve his two sons from Egypt after they were illegally taken from the country by their Egyptian mother.

Same-sex divorce bill in D.C. closes unfair loophole

Massachusetts residents may be interested to know that pending legislation in the District of Columbia is designed to offer protection to same sex couples who married in the District and want to divorce, but now live in a state that does not recognize the marriage. To date, in addition to the District of Columbia, six states allow same-sex marriage. The proposed bill is titled the Civil Marriage Dissolution Equality Amendment Act of 2011 and is expected to come to a vote in early 2012. In effect, it allows same-sex couples no longer living in Washington, D.C., to process their divorce there under certain conditions. Previously, the law required that one party to the marriage live there for at least six months prior to filing for divorce.The bill was cosponsored by eight of the D.C. Council's 13 members. It is considered necessary because states that do permit same sex marriages have no mechanism for providing a divorce between a couple lawfully married in another jurisdiction. For the law to apply, the couple must have been married in the District.