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October 2011 Archives

New Massachusetts alimony law places restrictions time periods

On September 26, the Governor of Massachusetts signed a new law setting limits on alimony and providing guidelines for its determination in divorce proceedings. Previously, judges were permitted to award lifetime alimony regardless of the length of the marriage, a practice that was at odds with most other states. Indeed, the payments were often ordered to continue even after retirement and without regard to circumstances where the former spouse was living with a new partner.

Another high net-worth divorce on the horzion

Divorce can be a complex affair, in Massachusetts and across the country. Actress Laurie Metcalf and her actor-husband, Matt Roth are about to confront a number of important matrimonial issues between them. Roth filed for divorce on September 12 after a six-year marriage, citing irreconcilable differences.

Complex property division at core of high net-worth divorce

There are many instances of divorce where complex property division issues arise. This is especially the case where the individuals involved are part of a high-profile couple. Regardless of whether the divorce is filed in Massachusetts or anywhere else, the fact is that the more assets there are, the greater the disputes and the more complex the property division issues.

Divorce can start with non-communication in the home

As with a lot of things in life, communication is one of the keys to a lasting marriage. That tidbit is more than likely not a revelation to couples. Still, most married couples will admit it is not always easy to practice over the long haul. Some marriage analysts believe that tedium can be the ultimate demise of many marriages right here in greater Boston as well as throughout the country.