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September 2011 Archives


The Massachusetts ALimony Reform Act was signed this week by Governor Patrick. There are a great deal of changes in the law which goes into effect in March of 2012. Anyone who thinks they may benefit from a Modificaiton in light of this legislation, should contact an attorney familiar with these changes. There are substantial changes in the type of alimony and the duration of alimony allowed under the law, depending in most circumstances on the length of the marriage. In many cases, alimony forever is a thing of the past.

Father's rights claims heard by Supreme Judicial Court

Father's rights issues continue to be pressed in Boston and Massachusetts courts, particularly in the area of child custody and support. Recently, a constitutional challenge was made to the state child support guidelines, which were adopted in 2009. The basis of the challenge was that the guidelines were promulgated by the state judiciary behind closed doors, when their enactment should be solely within the province of the state legislature.

Child custody should not be a battle

Oftentimes in Massachusetts, father's rights are overlooked or taken for granted. But most people agree that it is equally important that both parents have a solid influence on the child's life, despite a divorce. For many, child custody is shared between both parents, with one parent taking on the role of the custodial or primary parent. Still, when it comes to father's rights, there are many things divorced couples can do to ensure they maintain the best interests of the child through the involvement of both parents.

Could a postnuptial agreement actually save your marriage?

One important tool that is often forgotten about when it comes to family law is the postnuptial agreement. This week, the Huffington Post featured an interesting article explaining how a postnuptial agreement can actually help many couples whose marriages are on the rocks.

Marital property still not settled by pre or postnuptial agreements

Marital property division is, of course, a significant part of any divorce. Wealthy people, such as former Massachusetts resident Frank McCourt, often use prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to define how certain marital property will be divided in the event the phrase "'til death do us part" takes on a different meaning. McCourt is the embattled owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who is also in the midst of a contentious and high profile divorce from his wife of many years.