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When Negligence Leads to a Fatal Accident

For the family members left behind, a sudden death leaves a void that you can’t put a price on. But a fatal accident also creates a financial hole, and the law provides for survivors to be compensated for the lost contributions and emotional pain.

We have handled many wrongful death claims in more than 25 years of practice, and it never gets easier to see the devastation caused by a negligent driver or someone’s willful actions. We try to provide compassionate support to the families while helping them prepare the lawsuit. David M. Gabriel & Associates maintains offices in Beverly, Salem and Burlington to provide convenient access for clients. Contact me today to arrange a free consultation.

Essex County, Massachusetts, Lawyer Handling Wrongful Death Lawsuits

We understand that you’re grieving, but it’s important to get a lawyer involved early. The insurance company may approach you, and will use any information you provide to deny or limit a claim. Early intervention protects your ability to recover full damages, and enables us to gather evidence and witness statements while fresh and develop legal strategies.

A wrongful death claim can arise from an auto accident, truck wreck, motorcycle accident, workplace mishap or any fatality caused by the negligence of others. We represented the wife of a man who was struck by a car as the two were returning from an amusement park. We successfully sued the park for improper lighting in its parking lot. Damages included $500,000 in "zone of danger" emotional trauma for the wife, whose husband was killed right in front of her.

Other compensable damages include medical and funeral expenses, projected earnings, conscious pain and suffering of the deceased and loss of consortium and family contributions. If the accident was caused by gross negligence — willful, wanton or reckless behavior (e.g., drunk driving, speeding in a school zone) — the estate can also sue for punitive damages.

Contact us today to discuss a wrongful death action. We strive for justice on behalf of clients in Essex County and surrounding counties of northeast Massachusetts. Call for a free initial consultation, including evening and Saturday appointments.