Beverly Truck Accident Attorney

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Compensation for the Severe Injuries of a Truck Accident

Those who survive a collision with a semi almost always suffer severe injuries. The medical bills can be staggering, and victims need months to fully recover — if ever.

David M. Gabriel & Associates provides the aggressive trial representation you need if a family member was injured or killed in a truck accident. With offices in Beverly, Salem and Burlington, our Beverly truck accident pursue damages on behalf of clients throughout Essex County and surrounding counties of northeast Massachusetts. We have extensive trial experience, skills and knowledge and are ready and willing to go to court for you.

Attorney David Gabriel is a familiar face at the Salem District Court, Gloucester District Court, Lynn District Court, Ipswich District Court, Newburyport District Court and the Peabody District Court. Attorney Gabriel is well-known and well-respected among peers, judges and court personnel.

Salem 18-Wheeler Wreck Lawyer: Aggressive Trial Advocacy and Skilled Representation

With more than 25 years of experience in personal injury and wrongful death law, we know what it takes to extract full compensation in the aftermath of a serious accident. The trucking company often tries to settle the claim quickly, before the full extent of injuries and the long-term impact are known. We never settle a case until we know that our client will be properly compensated.

We work with police and private investigators to determine the cause of the wreck. Was the truck accident caused by a fatigued, inattentive or speeding driver? By improperly secured cargo? By poorly maintained brakes or tires on the 18-wheeler? In negotiations or at trial, we hold the trucking company accountable.

We also work with doctors, vocational specialists, economists and other experts to determine the future needs of our client: future medical treatment and personal care, lost income, rehabilitation, and damages for pain and suffering and diminished quality of life. We have helped accident victims recover the maximum available under their insurance coverage, which is critical when there is a catastrophic outcome such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, or loss of limb.

For personalized attention and aggressive pursuit of justice, contact an experienced truck accident lawyer. We offer a free initial consultation, including evenings or Saturdays, and we can come to you.