Salem Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Compensation for the Devastating Effects of an Accident

In a motorcycle accident, motorcyclists are at a disadvantage in so many ways. Even with a helmet, they are vulnerable to terrible injuries. It’s often assumed that the rider was at fault. And there is no P.I.P. insurance for motorcycles.

Against these odds, David M. Gabriel & Associates is committed to doing everything we can secure compensation for victims. If there was a motorbike injury or death in your family, contact our offices in Beverly, Salem or Burlington. We serve Essex County and the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Essex County Motorcycle Crash Lawyer Obtaining the Compensation You Desperately Need and Deserve

In a car accident, your personal injury protection (P.I.P.) insurance pays medical expenses up to $8,000. However, Massachusetts does not have P.I.P. coverage for motorcycle accidents. Victims are in limbo until they can get a settlement — and the insurance companies know it.

We have practiced personal injury law for more than 25 years, including many motorcycle accident cases. We work fast to expedite the gathering of crash reports and medical record to get my clients compensated as quickly as possible. We put in the extra effort to identify witnesses and conduct a thorough investigation to assign liability and get my clients the maximum settlement.

The medical bills for a motorcycle accident can be massive – head injury, broken bones, back and neck injuries, paralysis, road rash and disfigurement. We use all my negotiating skills to hold the insurance companies accountable for the extensive medical care, lost earnings and any permanent disability or lost quality of life.

For compassionate, aggressive representation, contact David M. Gabriel & Associates immediately to start the investigation. We take no attorney fees unless We secure a settlement. We offer a free initial consultation, often visiting clients as they recuperate in the hospital or at home.