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Representing People in Northeastern Massachusetts in Restraining Order Hearings

During stressful events such as divorce or child custody disputes, emotions can run high. When spouses or partners are facing difficult determinations regarding property division, parenting, visitation, and alimony, some will stop at nothing to protect their own interests. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for one spouse to accuse the other of domestic violence to gain an advantage in the divorce proceedings.

At David M. Gabriel & Associates, we defend clients in Beverly and the surrounding areas of Boston Massachusetts in restraining order or protection order hearings. Our goal is to investigate allegations of domestic violence and uncover the truth. We work to protect the freedom of those unjustly accused of domestic violence.

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Is Someone Seeking a Restraining Order Against You?

A restraining order prohibits both parties from making any contact with one another, and it can be extremely disruptive. The order may require you to move out of your house. It could keep you from making essential arrangements for paying shared bills or meeting other shared responsibilities. It can interfere with your time with your children.

It is essential to contact an attorney as soon as possible. A temporary restraining order can be issued very quickly and give you little time to defend yourself. If you don’t act quickly, that temporary protective order could be made permanent.

If you have been served with notice that a temporary restraining order is being sought against you, or if a temporary order has been granted and you need representation at the hearing regarding a more permanent order, David M. Gabriel & Associates can help.

Our law firm will take immediate action to stop the advancement of the case. We will give you honest advice on how to proceed, represent you at the hearings, and seek to have any unjust order denied.

If You Are Facing Domestic Violence, We Can Help You Obtain a Restraining Order

Although we do see people who seek restraining orders in order to gain advantage in legal battles, domestic violence is a real and very serious threat in divorce and family law disputes. If your safety is at risk, or if you are a victim to domestic violence, our attorneys can help. We can help you seek a 209A restraining order or protection order in court.

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