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If you are arrested for operating under the influence (OUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI) or DUI, it is important to speak to a knowledgeable drunk driving defense attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights. Your driver’s license will be automatically suspended for 30 days, and you have a very short period of time to fight the suspension.

If convicted of OUI, you could face jail time, expensive fines and high insurance rates. It may even cost you your job. The experienced attorneys at David M. Gabriel & Associates are available when you need us most. We offer personalized criminal defense representation. We will let you know what you can expect and offer our assessment of your best option.

Our Beverly OUI attorneys will do everything we can to get your charges reduced or dismissed. We will thoroughly investigate the charges against you and look for opportunities to challenge or refute the evidence. While we will work hard to resolve your case as quickly as possible, we will prepare for trial if necessary. Our goal is to achieve the most favorable outcome for you.

Arrested for DUI? Contact our firm for free consultation at 978-712-4825 or 978-998-6829. We offer flexible appointments, including evenings and weekends at our offices in Beverly and Salem.

Experienced Moving Violation and OUI Defense Lawyers in Salem

Our experienced trial lawyers have been serving the communities of Beverly and Salem for more than 25 years. We represent professionals, college students and underage drivers. We have helped hundreds of clients charged with OUI and other serious moving violations get their charges dismissed, reduced or obtain not-guilty verdicts at trial.

There are many viable defenses to a DUI, including:

  • Improper administration of field sobriety and other roadside tests
  • Subjective conclusions of the arresting officer
  • Inaccuracy of Breathalyzer machines

Penalties for DWI in Massachusetts

The penalties for DWI in Massachusetts vary based on a number of factors, including the amount of alcohol in your system, the number of previous offenses and whether any other aggravating factors were present.

  • Massachusetts encourages first-time offenders with no criminal record to plead out by offering a quick hardship license option. A first time offender may have the option of entering and attending an alcohol education program, with a license suspension of 45 to 90 days. Upon entering a plea and paying the initial alcohol education program entry fee, the defendant may obtain a hardship license (12 hour license) within four days of entering your plea. Practically speaking, this option allows you to keep your job.
  • A second DUI is harsher and often requires going to trial. A second offense is punished by a minimum of two weeks in an alcohol facility and a 60-day suspended sentence, two-year license revocation with no hardship license for six months.
  • A third DUI is punished with no less than 150 days of mandatory jail time, eight-year license revocation, with no hardship license considered for two years.

Having Sound Legal Advice Is Important When Fighting Traffic Violations

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