Mediation: Affordable Bridge from Marital Strife to Happy Life

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The current United States economic environment is being compared to The Great Depression. It is no surprise, then, that current sociological trends are mirroring those of that difficult time in our history.

Financial instability is proven to increase the likelihood of divorce—generally. In this recession, however, where money is extraordinarily tight for many families, divorce rates have actually dropped. Experts attribute this irony to one simple fact: Couples cannot afford to get divorced today.

The average cost of divorce ranges from $15,000 to $30,000. That is money most Americans just do not have to spare. For that reason, couples are waiting this recession out and tolerating their marriages until financial woes lessen.

Faced with a difficult home life and no end in sight, recent findings show that some couples are seeking other means of separation. Divorce does not have to mean divorce court.

Not only is litigation expensive, but it can be time consuming, combative and limited in its outcome. Couples who want to divorce amicably and without spending all of their savings or winding up in debt are turning to mediation as a positive option.

In a divorce mediation, both parties meet with a certified mediator. Mediators are trained to keep the clients communicating and working toward agreement. They serve as an outside, neutral party. The mediator lays out the issues in dispute, and tries to get parties to come to a mutual agreement about the terms of their separation or divorce.

The ultimate goal of mediation is for the couple to come to a fair agreement on their own without the need for lawyers, a drawn-out legal process and costly fees. Additionally, terms that a couple provides are likely more easy to live with than terms imposed by an outside party like a judge.

Mediation gives couples more control over the process and can work around their schedules. The process is less antagonistic, making it a great option for couples with children who want to maintain a healthy parenting relationship.

At an average price of between $3,000 to $4,000, mediation is not only a great option now during economic hardship, but it is practical for anyone looking to take some of the torment out of the divorce process.

If you are interested in obtaining a divorce or have questions about your legal options regarding separation, contact a family law attorney in your area. He or she will listen to your case and can advise you about your options for mediation and whether it is right for you.